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Tales from the Word Mines

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Hello, all my loyal fans. Or at least my wife. Kind of hard to have loyal fans without anything published, last I checked.

I refreshed the site a bit, solidifying things. Though until it is published, it's all up in the air anyway. I like the direction so far. Originally I planned for "Darkest Depths" as a title to be first, but I really think "Deep Delvings" fits better as the first title thematically. Also, I was really trying to come up with a third "D D" name, but love "A Mountain Made of Shadow" too much. It fits well with what will happen in the third book.

Working through Book 2 and some other side works answered some questions as to the how/why things happened in the first book. Unfortunately that now means some major revisions for Book 1. Though I knew Book 1 needed some additional editing anyway. I've known where this was intended to go all along, but now I have a better idea of the path there. I'm excited to get it all done, but of course that will take time.

I'll have a new Twine game published here soon as well. I'm almost finished with it. The game is set in this same world (unlike the current two stories which were more of a test to see how well it would work). It's been fun to work on a shorter term project that has relevance to all this other work.

More to come soon!

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